Step 1: Create a field

1. To create a field, go to Settingsand then Fields

2. Press the plus sign next to the dropdown box to create a new field.

3. Select the field type you want from the "Field Type" dropdown box. This could be Choice, Multiple Choice, Date, Date of Birth or Text. Create a title for your field, and then if you choose Choice or Multiple Choice Field, add values for your field. You can press the plus next to the last value to create another, and edit the colours of the values by clicking the coloured dot and choosing from a palette. 

4. Hit "Save" when you're finished.

Step 2: Add that field to your Card Category

If you haven't gotten your card category set up, first go here

1. To link a field to your card category go Settingsand then Card Categories

2. Select your category from the dropdown menu.

3. When you have selected your category e.g. Contestants, then scroll down to "Linked Fields" and select the fields you want to add from the dropdown menu. Hit "Save" in the bottom right corner when you are finished to save the changes you have made to your category.

Step 3: Add Kanban and link to Field

1. To create a Kanban click the + button on the left and select "New Kanban".

2. Give your Kanban a name.

3. In the second box, choose the field you want to link it to. 

4. Choose your access - whether you'd like to share it with the whole Project or keep it in your Private Vault.

5. Hit Add & Open to check out your Kanban.