Kanban is a fancy Japanese word for TO-DO / DOING / DONE. In other words - a status board.

Kanbans are a way to automatically sort your cards by fields.

First thing you need to do is create a field that is linked to a card category or categories. Kanbans can be made using single choice or multiple choice fields. 

To create a field, go to settingsand then fields

Press the plus sign next to the dropdown box to create a new field.

Select the field type you want from the "Field Type" dropdown box. This could be Choice or Multiple Choice. Create a title for your field, add add values for your field. You can press the plus next to the last value to create another, and edit the colours of the values by clicking the coloured dot and choosing from a palette. Hit "Save" when you're done.

Link this field to a card category by going to settings and card categories and then select the category of that card e.g. Talent. 

Scroll down to "Linked Fields" to select the field you wish to link to this category and save your changes.

Now you're ready to link a field to a Kanban!

You can link a field to a kanban when you create it. To create a Kanban, press the plus in the left hand column and "New Kanban" then title it, and choose a field from the dropdown menu, then "Add & Open".

You can also create a Kanban without linking it to a field, you may not have set up the field yet or you want to edit it before you link to the Kanban. To link a field to an existing Kanban, open the Kanban and press "Link to Field" in the centre of the screen. Then select the field you want to link from the dropdown menu, and "Save".


When you have linked your field to the Kanban and added values of your field to these cards, your Kanban can be used as a visual representation of each card's status e.g. Post Production Episode Tracker.