To filter your search, hit the bookcase icon and go to the Project Library.

You can filter a search by choosing Cards or Files etc and then filter further by Fields. Click the Fields dropdown menu, and you will see a multiple-choice list of all the Fields in your Project in alphabetical order. You can select one or more to filter your search.


Once you have selected Fields to filter by, those Fields will appear as new boxes to e.g. Rating and Status.

From these dropdown boxes, select the value or values from the field that you wish to search e.g. from Rating, you could search A and B, to see all Cards with the rating A or B.

Note: date fields allow you to select a specific date or a custom time frame, and text fields allow you to type exact phrases.


Selecting A and B from Ratings, and Recorded from Status, shows me all of the A or B story Cards in the Project that have been recorded.