Uploading Docs & Media to your Project 

You can upload existing documents & media to your project from your computer (word, excel, PDF & pictures etc) by pressing this button  in the top right corner of your screen. 

Attaching Docs & Media to Cards 

You can upload documents & media or link existing media to a particular Card by pressing this button 
within your card 

Select either "Choose Files" to upload from your Computer 

or "Choose from Lumi" to link a document or media that has already been uploaded to Lumi. Images and documents can live on multiple cards at the same time, so if you update them on one card, they update everywhere.... so no need to duplicate them. 

Once your documents & pics are uploaded to your card you'll notice a little picture icon with a green number count on the far left, please click it to access your files. 

Here you can see a list of all files, you can use the button with the three dots next to each file to rename, remove (from card) delete (from whole system) add to dashboard or set the default card image etc.

Change your view to thumbnails by pressing this icon top right 

Creating Documents

To create a new document with Lumi, press this iconon the left hand side of your screen then "Document". 

Select document, spreadsheet or presentation, give your Document a Name, then hit Add or Add & Open.

Accessing Docs & Media 

You can find and access all files and media in your Project via your Project Library. Hit the bookcase icon on the far left 

Here you can narrow down your search using file types etc.

Press on the button with the three little dots next to each file to download, rename, delete or add to Dashboard etc.