You can send a link to anything in Lumi to another Lumi User or a team of Users and we call it an FYI.  

Sending FYI's

To send an FYI - click on the paper aeroplane in the top right from wherever you are, and search for the name of the User(s) you want to send it to, type a comment and hit Send FYI.


They will receive a Lumi notification and an email with a link to whatever you sent.

You can click into Lumi directly from your email, or reply directly from your email. 


Notification Centre

The Notification Centre in the top right of your Lumi Project is where you can catch up on all your FYI's - you can even reply directly from in there.


Team FYI's

To send an FYI to a team, first you need to set up a Team! 

To create a new Team, go to Teams in the left hand column and press the plus then name the Team "Add" then choose users to add to the Team.

To FYI your team, press the paper aeroplane in the top right corner then search for the team name, type a message and send.