Vaulting / Hiding Documents 

You can vault a document in Lumi so only you, or certain members of a vault can access.  For anyone else, they won't be able to see it at all.

First of all, create a Vault. Every Lumi user has a Personal Vault or you can create a new one with other Users.

Creating a Vault 

Press this icon on the far left of your screen. 

Press + to create a new Vault 

Then press the small + on the top right to add users to your Vault 

Simply type their name and hit Add 


Adding Documents & Media to your Vault

Hit the bookcase icon on the far left 

Find your File 

Press on the button with the three little dots next to it and select Add to Vault 

Find your Vault and hit save 

You'll now notice this vault icon wherever this document exists, and only users in that Vault will be able to see it.

Note: You cannot add a card to a Private/Personal Vault unless you are the owner of that document and any card it is linked to.