Adding New Users

To add a new user to your project, open the project and press the "Invite User" icon from the toolbar in the top right corner of your Lumi browser. 

This icon is also available in the top right corner of both Project and Account user management pages.


From the "Invite Users" window you can select which project (or projects) you want to add your new user to from the dropdown menu, you can select multiple projects at once.

Note: if you are an Account Admin, you can add new users to any project in your organisation, however Project Admins can only invite users to projects that they have access to. 

Type their email address that they will use for their Lumi account, and choose their Role (Account Admin, Project Admin, or Team Member) from the dropdown menu and hit "Invite".

You can add multiple users at once by pressing the plus button to the right of the last user you added before you hit "Invite".

Please note: invites expire within 7 days for security reasons. Invitees will receive multiple reminders, and you'll get an email letting you know if they have accepted or if their invite has expired and you need to resend.

User Levels

Lumi has 3 levels of user within Lumi: 

  • Account Admin: Able to set up new projects at the organisation, assign & deactivate Project Administrators and all other users to a project (we recommend only a select few key Senior Administrators or Executive Staff are Account Admins) 
  • Project Admin: Able to invite users to a particular project, change the project and all other functions (great for senior members of the team) 
  • Team: Lumi users, are assigned to projects. Cannot invite new users or deactivate ec. 

For more detailed info what each user can do see click here