Removing a User from within a Project 

Project Admins and Account Admins can manage the users within their specific project. Team users can also view this page, but are unable to edit it.  To manage users within a specific Project, hit the Users icon in the left-hand column.

This will take you to the User Page within your Project. Here you can sort and filter by email, status, level and teams.

To remove a Users from this Project, you can press the icon with a minus symbol, which removes them from the project.

Note: This does not deactivate the user from the organisation, only remove their access to this specific project.

Removing a User from an Organisation / Multiple Projects 


Every Organisation has a User Management page to track all of the users in every Project under your account. 

Only Account Admins can view or edit this page.

If you are an Account Admin User, select your personal avatar in the top right corner of your Lumi browser, and hit "Users" under the Account Admin section.

This opens the User Management page which has a list of all of the users in your organisation. You can see user avatars, names, email, all of the projects they have access to, their user level, and status. User status can be Invited, Active, or Deactivated.


The toolbar at the top allows you to search for any keywords or names, or filter by project, level, and status.

Edit Access Level 
To edit a user's access Level or Status, double click the relevant cell and select the level or status you'd like them to be.


Assigning or Unassigning Projects

To edit a user's access to Projects, double click the Project row next to their name and select (or unselect) projects to give that user access. Please note, users will get an email notifying them that you have added them to a Project. 


Underneath the "Actions" column you can activate, deactivate, or delete users.

For active users, you can press the icon with a minus symbol to deactivate them from your organisation, which removes them from every project that they have access to and they cannot log back into Lumi unless they are reinvited. 

For users that have been invited, but have not yet accepted their invitation to Lumi, the actions available are to delete them or resend their invitation.