What is a filtered Kanban (and why do you need it)? Well it helps you sort a list by one field.....and then also by another.

For example:

  • Show me all my stories in January sorted by every day of the month….but only show me the ones with the Story Rating field of A.
  • Show me all my potential cast sorted into each State…..but only show me the ones the EP has marked with a YES field
  • Show me all my sponsorship agreements sorted into promised/shot/in ep/on air…..but only show me the ones for Sponsor A
  • Show me all my teams to-do list items sorted into to do / in progress / complete…but only show me the ones that Lisa has to do.


To create a filter:

Press the filter icon in the top right and make your selections, you can filter by card categories or multiple fields.

If you'd like to, you can save this filter by clicking the button with the three dots on the far right and select save Filter. You can give it a name and choose whether the whole team can use this filter or only you.  

Please note: a Kanban will stay filtered by the latest filter you used.