Saved searches are awesome, they can save you heaps of time and automate some of your workflows. Simply go to the Project Library, filter your search by a keyword, a hashtag, by Cards, by a field or all of the above, and then hit "Save" in the top right corner of your screen.

You have the option to keep this search private just for you, to share it with everyone in your project, accessible via the Side Search, or to add to the Dashboard.


If you manage daily content, e.g. a Radio Show, a Daily TV Show, or a Daily Podcast, you could save a search with a date field set to "Today" allowing any Cards with today's date to automatically populate that search. Here is an example of Today, Tomorrow, and Coming Up saved searches on the Dashboard of an example sports broadcasting show. You can click into these Cards straight from the Dashboard, and they auto-populate each day based on the date field on the Card.

To create a saved search from a date field, you need to set up the field and link it to your Card Category.

For more on adding fields to Card Categories, click here.

Next, you can go to the Project Library, filter your search by the field e.g. TX Date, then select your date range.

Save the search by hitting the "Save" icon in the top right corner and add it to the Dashboard.