User Levels

Lumi has 3 levels of user within Lumi: 

  • Account Admin: Able to set up new projects at the organisation, assign & deactivate Project Administrators and all other users to a project (we recommend only a select few key Senior Administrators or Executive Staff are Account Admins) 
  • Project Admin: Able to invite users to a particular project, change the project and all other functions (great for senior members of the team) 
  • Team: Lumi users, are assigned to projects. Cannot invite new users or deactivate ec. 

For more detailed info what each user can do see below:

Create a ProjectNoNoYes
Invite other usersNoYes (in THEIR project)Yes (in ANY project)
Deactivate UsersNoNoYes
Change OWN Access to ProjectsNoNoYes
Change Other Users Access to ProjectsNoNoYes
Change a Project Name / PictureNo
Create a vault in projectNo (only personal vault, but can be invited to other vaults by the owner)YesYes
Change vault ownerNoYes (only if owner)Yes
Add / Remove users from vaultNoYes (only if owner)Yes (only if owner)
Add yourself to a vault you don't ownNoNoNo
Create a card / schedule / rundown / board / kanban / call sheet etcYesYesYes
Delete a card / schedule / rundown / board / kanban / call sheet etcYesYesYes
Add Card CategoriesYesYesYes
Add TemplatesYesYesYes
Delete TemplatesYesYesYes
Export & print cards, boards, schedules, rundowns, kanbans, call sheets etcYesYesYes
Export & print IN BULK boards, schedules, rundowns, kanbans etc
Bulk export cards, bulk delete cardsYesYesYes
Bulk change card categories and fieldsYesYesYes
Delete a projectNoNoNo
Archive a projectNoNoYes
Create a teamYesYesYes
Delete a teamYesYesYes
Send FYI'sYesYesYes