Project Library

Everything in your Project lives in the Project Library. 

Hit the bookcase icon on the far left of your screen to access the Project Library. 

From here you can search by typing any word into the search bar and hitting enter. Lumi searches for every word on every card and every document. This is pretty powerful so you can narrow your search by Cards, Images, Files, Logs & Markers, and Contacts. You can filter your search further by Users, Last Edited, and Fields, etc.


Side Search

The side search is you guessed it - on the side of your screen. See the little magnifying glass on the left? This is a really quick and useful tool for navigating Lumi. It will show you all your recent Cards, documents, and Boards, etc and allow you to do a quick search for a Card and filter it by Card Category.



Lumi hashtags enable you to filter and refine your search using tags on Cards. They are perfect for grouping and categorising Cards. If you search a hashtag in the search bar, only Cards with that hashtag will come up e.g. #beach

To see how to add a hashtag to your Cards, click here.


Filtering a Search

To filter your search, hit the bookcase icon and go to the Project Library.

You can filter a search by choosing Cards or Files etc and then filter further by Fields. Click the Fields dropdown menu, and you will see a multiple-choice list of all the Fields in your Project in alphabetical order. You can select one or more to filter your search.


Once you have selected Fields to filter by, those Fields will appear as new boxes to e.g. Rating and Status.

From these dropdown boxes, select the value or values from the field that you wish to search e.g. from Rating, you could search A and B, to see all Cards with the rating A or B.

Note: date fields allow you to select a specific date or a custom time frame, and text fields allow you to type exact phrases.


Selecting A and B from Ratings, and Recorded from Status, shows me all of the A or B story Cards in the Project that have been recorded. 


Saved Searches

Saved searches are awesome, they can save you heaps of time and automate some of your workflows. Simply go to the Project Library, filter your search by a keyword, a hashtag, by Cards, by a field or all of the above, and then hit "Save" in the top right corner of your screen.

You have the option to keep this search private just for you, to share it with everyone in your project, accessible via the Side Search, or to add to the Dashboard.


If you manage daily content, e.g. a Radio Show, a Daily TV Show, or a Daily Podcast, you could save a search with a date field set to "Today" allowing any Cards with today's date to automatically populate that search. Here is an example of Today, Tomorrow and Coming Up saved searches on the Dashboard of an example sports broadcasting show. You can click into these Cards straight from the Dashboard, and they auto-populate each day based on the date field on the Card.

To create a saved search from a date field, you need to set up the field and link it to your Card Category.

For more on adding fields to Card Categories, click here.

Next, you can go to the Project Library, filter your search by the field e.g. TX Date, then select your date range.

Save the search by hitting the "Save" icon in the top right corner and add it to the Dashboard.


Bulk Actions

You can update multiple Cards at the same time from the Project Library, via our bulk actions menu.

The menu includes:

To perform a bulk action, go to the Project Library, and select "Cards" and filter your search by card category, fields, or type a keyword.

When you have all the cards you wish to add, select onethen hit the double ticks that appear in the bulk actions toolbar to select all.

Then you can perform a bulk action from the options.


Project Library Options

You can change your search view by hitting this icon in the top right corner.