One Card that Moves with You 

Move from ideation into planning, and shoot into to post production and delivery.  Watch your content grow with each phase of your Project.  Create your own customisable template unique to your Project so your team can instantly create a new shoot/story/scene card styled the way you need without slowing them down.

Every Department in one Place 

Store ideas, shot lists, field & edit notes, scripts, consents & releases, sponsorship & contra requirements, tech instructions, permits, recce notes, photos, wardrobe approvals, art moodboards, interview questions, pick ups, links to edit cut downs, screening notes, DPR's and more.  With all departments working off the same information, reduce miscommunication and ensure everyone is always looking at the most up-to-date information.

Plan your Project from anywhere, anytime....

Get rid of the huge whiteboard on the wall and start planning your your shoots or scenes on a Lumi board, accessible to your team from anywhere at anytime. Play around with segments or shoot days, create your own labels and watch everything come together.

Schedule > Call Sheets

Schedule your shoots minute by minute with Lumi's day schedule feature, link crew, locations and talent to line items and create automatic call sheets at a touch of a button. With Google Map Integration you can record the nearest parking or emergency services and Lumi will automatically pull all your address details, times for sunrise and sunset and the weather for your shoot day.

Live Time-Coded Shoot Logs 

Say goodbye to formatting and emailing your field notes and hello to live time-of-day multi user shoot logs, accessible instantly and from anywhere in the world. Create your own custom shortcuts and export logs directly into AVID.

Don't let a great story slip through the cracks... 

When your stories start to grow, it's easy to miss something. With every word searchable in Lumi, don't stress about remembering that funny moment where someone stole the mayo, a quick search of those words will bring it up. 

Forget the Excel Tracker 

Get rid of complicated excel trackers and have a live overview of how your shoots are going, keep across the numbers and allocate resources accordingly. Sort by talent or ratings (ie 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars) or by type (funny, sad, heartwarming) Create your own custom fields to record and track whatever you need.

Manage Confidential Info 

Vault documents you need to keep private or for executive eyes only so staff can only see what is relevant to them. 

Keep your Team on track 

Assign shoots or tasks to Producers and be across your team and their workflow. Someone has a sick day? With all their work in Lumi, it will be easy for another team member to pick things up.

Protect Yourself

Create, track and upload releases and compliance trackers to ensure nothing is going to air without permission 

Keep your Promises 

Promised the location some exposure? Forget emailing out V11 of the sponsorship proposal, in Lumi you can easily make sure any promises are kept from concept and shoot through to delivery.

Live 3D Rundowns

Simply pull your scene/shoot/story cards into a rundown and plan out your edit in detail, set a total time to track how over/under you are. Click into the cards directly from the rundown to read up on them and make notes.