What are  Favourites?

Lumi Favourites are a way to highlight your go-to cards, Boards, Kanbans, Schedules, media etc. It works like a bookmarked section, letting you easily access the things YOU specifically are working on, and personalise how you navigate your project in Lumi.

Adding Items to Favourites

To add something to your favourites, simply open the item and press the gold star in the top right corner.The star will go from an outline to solid gold, and now that item can be found in your favourites list.

Accessing Favourites 

Your Lumi favourites can be found here

Press the star in the left hand column of your browser window to see your list of favourites. Select the item from your favourites that you wish to access.

Or you can also add your favourites to the Dashboard if you're a Project or Account Admin. 

Removing Items from Favourites 

Step 1: Go to that item. 

Step 2: Click on the gold star in the top right corner

The star will go from solid gold to an outlineand now that item will be removed from your favourites list.