Create a List

Press this icon  on the left-hand side of your screen and "List".

Give your List a name and then hit "Add & Open".



You can add columns to your List by hitting this button top right.

Then selecting "Manage Columns".

From here you can add, delete and edit existing Columns. 

You can also choose whether you see your card image etc. 

Press the + To create a new Column. 

You can choose from a variety of Column Types:

Field - you can choose a field from your Cards so if you update the list, it also updates the Card. Note: you need to set up your fields and link them to the relevant card category in order to edit them from the List. See What is a Field? for more info.

Rich Text - text just for your list (not on the Card itself)

Currency - a dollar value (you can edit the currency)

Number - a numerical value

Date - a date selector

True / False - a checkbox 

Hit Save & Close when done. 


Adding Cards

You can add Cards to a List from within the List or from a search in the Project Library.

Add a Card from within the List:

When you have made your List, you can add Cards by hitting the search/plus icon in the topand choose Cards from the side search.

You can search by typing any keywords, or you can filter the search by card category. Press the three dots and choose a card category from the dropdown menu.

Add Cards to a List from your Project Library:

You can add Cards in bulk to a List from a search in your Project Library. 

Hit the bookcase icon on the far left of your screen to access the Project Library. 

Select "Cards" and filter your search by card category, fields, or type a keyword.

When you have all the cards you wish to add, select onethen hit the double ticks that appear in the bulk actions toolbar to select all.

Choose the "Add to List" option and select your List from the dropdown menu and "Add Selection".