What is a Kanban?

Kanbans automatically sort your Cards by Field values. They are a great way to automatically track and sort your cards by anything you need.

To even begin thinking about making a Kanban, you'll need to make some Fields first and add them to your Cards, like this example below: 

These are completely customisable and a great way to track and sort a limitless amount of things such as:

  • Task Status (To do/ doing / done)
  • Responsible (Lisa / Georgia / Bianca / Tom)
  • Availability (yes/TBC/not avail) 
  • Paperwork status (pending/sent/TBC/complete)
  • Ratings (a/b/c or 1star/2star/3star)
  • Decisions (yes/no/maybe)
  • Pitch Results (lost/won/TBC)
  • Dates (DOB, shoot dates, deadlines) 

For example, you could be sorting your Talent Cards by a Ratings Field. If you update the Field from the Card (i.e. you open the Card and change the Cast Rating field from A to C) it will automatically move that Card on the Kanban from the A column to the C column. 

You could use a Kanban for roles to fill in an HR/Crewing project:

This is an example of a Post-Production workflow Kanban tracking Episode Status:

Creating a Kanban

Step 1: Create a Field

1. To create a Field, go to Settingsand then Fields

2. Press the plus sign next to the dropdown box to create a new field.

3. Select the field type you want from the "Field Type" dropdown box. To work on a Kanban, this will need to be a Single Choice or Multiple Choice field. Create a title for your field, and then add values for your field. You can press the plus next to the last value to create another, and edit the colours of the values by clicking the coloured dot and choosing from a palette. 

4. Hit "Save" when you're finished.

Step 2: Add that Field to your Card Category

If you haven't gotten your card category set up, first go here

1. To link a field to your card category go Settingsand then Card Categories

2. Select your category from the dropdown menu.

3. When you have selected your category e.g. Contestants, then scroll down to "Linked Fields" and select the fields you want to add from the dropdown menu. Hit "Save" in the bottom right corner when you are finished to save the changes you have made to your category.

Step 3: Add Kanban and link to Field

To create a Kanban click the + button on the left 

and select Kanban

Give your Kanban a name.

In the second box, choose the field you want to link it to. 

Choose your access - whether you'd like to share it with the whole Project or keep it in your Private Vault.

Hit Add & Open to check out your Kanban.

Moving Cards on a Kanban

To move a card on a kanban simply click and drag it to a new column. It will automatically update the field on that card.  If you update the field from within a card it will automatically move on the kanban to the new column. 

If your field is a multiple choice field, the card can sit in multiple columns.

Resizing Cards on a Kanban

Click on this button in the top right to re-size cards.

Removing, Editing & Exporting Cards on a Kanban

Tick to select one or multiple cards to remove from kanban, change fields, or export your cards. 

Please note: removing a card from a kanban, will delete any field values and result in that field being blank on the card.

Filtering Kanbans

Filtering a kanban helps you sort a list by one field.....and then also by another.

For example, show me all my potential cast sorted into ratings…..but only show me the ones from NSW.

Press the filter icon in the top right and make your selections, you can filter by card categories or multiple fields.

If you'd like to, you can save this filter by clicking the button with the three dots on the far right and select save Filter. You can give it a name and choose whether the whole team can use this filter or only you.  

Please note: a Kanban will stay filtered by the latest filter you used.


Accessing Kanbans

You can access all of your Lists by pressing the home button, and then Kanbans. All of the Kanbans in your Project will be here.

Adding to Dashboard

You can make it easier for you and your team to access an important Kanban by adding it to the Dashboard.

Note: you can only edit the Project Dashboard if you are an Account or Project Admin User.


Open your Kanban and click the three dots in the top right corner and then select "Add to Dashboard."

Choose whether you'd like a heading, what font size you'd like etc and hit "Create". 

You'll then be able to find your Kanban on your Project Dashboard.

You can also add a list of ALL your Kanbans to your Dashboard, from the Dashboard itself.

Click the settings wheel top right and press +

Then choose "Kanbans", this will add a list of all your Kanbans to the Dashboard.