What is a Project Dashboard?

When you click into a Lumi Project you'll hit your home page, or Project Dashboard. 

Only Account and Project Admins can make changes to Project Dashboards and changes are reflected for the whole team. 

This is the hub of your Project, to return to your Dashboard at any time press this button on the top left

The Lumi Dashboard is completely bespoke for your Project. 

Here is an example Project Dashboard:


Adding Items to Project Dashboard

Here are some of things you can add to the dashboard:

Cards - add an individual Card

Card Categories - quick access to one card category or a list of all of them

Boards, Lists & Kanbans – you can add just one or a list of all of them

Text – reminders, quotes of the day, whatever you feel like

Documents – word, PDF and excel docs can be added straight to dashboard for quick access, you can click to open and edit them live. 

Images - add an image to your dashboard

Saved Searches - save a search list and add it to your dashboard for quick access

Weblinks - add a URL link to another site

Favourites – add a star to your personal favourite things in Lumi for quick access

Video & Audio Links – files stored in Lumi or links to external media 

Project Sets - a set of cards/boards etc grouped together (ie all related to a particular week, shoot, person) 

Embedded Website - You can embed a web page on your dashboard. You could have a weather app or news website updating live and accessible on your dashboard

Step 1: Go to the dashboard, press the settings wheel in the top right corner of the Dashboardand then the plus that appears to the left.

Step 2: You will get the "Create Dashboard Item" pop up. Scroll through and choose from the options listed.

Step 3: When you select an option it will prompt you to choose elements such as headers, font and background colour and Mobile Dashboard settings. 

Step 4: When you have finished choosing your preferences, hit "Create".

To add individual items to your Dashboard, eg a Card, a Board, a Kanban, a Rundown, a Day Schedule, an Image or a Document: 

Step 1: Find & open the item you want to add, press the three dots in the top right corner of your window and "Add to Dashboard". (For files and images please find them in your Project Library via the bookcase icon and then hit the three dots next to them) 

Step 2: The pop up window will give you the option to "Show Header" or just add to Dashboard.  You can choose whether or not to put a header on your item and choose a colour for the font and background as well as Mobile Dashboard settings.

Step 3: When you are finished, hit "Create".

Moving & Resizing Items 

If you're an Account or Project Admin you can edit your Project Dashboard.

Please keep in mind whatever you move will be moved for every user in your project. 

Press the Edit cog in the top right cornerto edit dashboard items.

Once you've clicked this button, you can move things around on the dashboard by clicking the centre of the item and hold to drag to a new place. You can swap item positions and move in any direction you like. 

Resize your items by dragging from the corners or the edges.

Editing & Deleting Items

If you're an Account or Project Admin you can update or remove what is on your Project Dashboard. 

Please keep in mind whatever you remove or update will be visible to every user in your project. 

Step 1: Press the Edit cog in the top right cornerto edit dashboard items.

Step 2: From this mode you can edit any existing dashboard items by pressing the settings cog that appears when you hover over the item. 

Step 3: Hit "Remove" to delete from your Project Dashboard or make changes and hit Update. 

Mobile Dashboard 

The items you select to view on your smartphone will usually be the most commonly viewed or important items of your Project for easy access.  You cannot edit your Dashboard from your Mobile, so you'll have to set it up on your desktop browser first. 

From your Project Dashboard on your computer, select the settings wheel in the top right hand corner of your dashboard.


Then, select the mobile phone icon to edit mobile dashboard settings.

A small eye icon will then appear on each item on your Dashboard. This indicates that this item is on the mobile dashboard. To remove it from mobile dashboard, click the eye icon.

A slash on the eye icon will then appear, confirming this will not appear on your mobile dashboard.

Moving Items on your Mobile Dashboard  

Click into each board item individually by selecting the settings wheel on the individual dashboard item and customising your preferences in the ‘Mobile Settings’ section.  Clicking into "Priority" allows you to customise where your board items appear on your mobile dashboard. The items selected 'Push to Top' will be the first items viewed on your mobile dashboard, and the items selected 'Push to Bottom' will appear at the bottom of your mobile. Usually 'Push To Top' your most used card category or saved search. Documents, Boards, Kanbans and Lists are designed to be looked at on a computer screen.