Creating Templates

Templates are really helpful as they allow you to set up the workflow for your team, and create uniformity amongst your Cards and Documents. If you have a Shoots card category, you could set up a template so that when your team creates their first Card e.g. John's Backstory,  it would automatically include a Producer Notes tab, a Sponsorship checklist tab, Editorial/Story Beats, Tech Instructions, Scripting and whatever other tabs they need, allowing them to get to work straight away. You can even include an "Instructions" tab, explaining to your team how and where they should do the work they need to.

To template a Card click here

To template a document click here

To template a Card tab click here

Editing Templates

To edit a template, create a new document, card or tab using the template. Update it to how you want it to look, then click on the three dots and "Save as Template". Click on the old template, and hit "Replace".

Renaming or Deleting Templates

Any Card, Document or Tab (Content) Templates can then be found in here in Settings

Hit the three dots next to each Template to rename or delete them.