What are Lumi Logs? 

Lumi Logs are live, multi user logs that enable you to attach notes to a Card with automatic time of day timecodes.

Creating a Log 

Logs are attached to Lumi Cards. 

Open the Card you wish to create a log for and press the three dots in the top right cornerthen "New Log".

Give your Log a Name, date and choose if you need any cameras added (numbers and letters available) 

It will also give you the option to create shortcuts.

Click "+ Add Shortcut" to add a new shortcut.

To add the same shortcuts to every log in your Project, Go to settings then features and select "Shoot Log". 

Hit add & Open


Press this button to add a log and simply start typing, or hit ENTER on your keyboard. The time code is synced to your computer's time and date.  You can have multiple users logging live together.

Hitting ESC on your keyboard will close the log, hitting ENTER will close and create a new log. 

You can always click into a log to edit it later, or change it's timecode. 

Press the bin icon to the right of your entry to delete that log.

Clicking on the shortcuts at the top will automatically add them to your log, or you can hover to see keyboard shortcuts for them. 


 Pressing this button will get you to your Log settings, to change your shortcuts or options.  


To export a Log, tick the box to the right of the Log you wish to export.

Press the download icon in the top right cornerthen choose which format you wish to export in, Csv (Excel) or Avid.

Selecting "Csv" will export your Log as an csv spreadsheet with time codes and log entries in columns.

Selecting "Avid" will create markers in your Avid for every Log entry. Give your track a name and choose a colour for the markers. Hit "Export" to send to Avid.

You can also print your Log Press the print icon in the top right corner within a Log to send your Log to the printer.

Accessing your Logs 

You can access your Logs by selecting this camera icon on the far left of your Card.

Searching your Logs 

When you logs start to grow, it's easy to miss something. With every word searchable in Lumi, don't stress about remembering that gold moment. Simply head to your Project Library (via the bookcase icon on the right) select Logs & Markers and search away